The Red-bellied Woodpecker

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Image Credit: Brenda Gillian

My mother is an avid birder and nature enthusiast who often photographs her bird sightings and nature excursions.

This post includes images of a male red-bellied woodpecker. My mother captured post images as the woodpecker ate at her backyard feeding station.

As you can see, the male red-bellied woodpecker has a red crown with a red nape. In comparison, the female red-bellied woodpecker (not shown in this post) has a gray crown with a red nape. (Click here to see an image of a female red-bellied woodpecker.)

Interesting fact: The red-bellied woodpecker is primarily identified by its crown, nape, and zebra-like back, not its red belly. Birders rarely catch a glimpse of the rosy red belly, on the red-bellied woodpecker, because it spends a great deal of its time with its belly hidden while clinging to trees.

Be careful not to confuse the red-bellied woodpecker with the red-headed woodpecker. The red-headed woodpecker does not have zebra-like markings on its back, and its head is entirely scarlet red.

There are great online resources to help you learn more about the birds in your own backyard.

Audubon has a comprehensive online Guide to North American Birds. Guide pages include interesting elements such as conservation status, family, habitat, migration, feeding behavior, diet, nesting, songs and calls. Click here to access Audubon’s Guide to North American Birds.

Another great birding resource is the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All about Birds, website. Click here to access the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All about Birds, website

buy modafinil fast Closing Comments and Well Wishes

My mother’s photography brings me joy. I hope that you, too, will appreciate seeing nature, through her lens.

Image Credit: Brenda Gillian

Until we meet again, I encourage you to:

where to buy Clomiphene pct Seek nearby trails, public gardens, and/or park lands that allow you to spend time in nature.

Discover the beauty and therapeutic qualities of nature. Listen for interesting bird sounds. Can you identify the bird type by listening to its song or call? (Bird song identification/recognition apps, for iOS and android smartphones, are educational tools for experienced and inexperienced birders.)

Protect all that is beautiful in nature.

Happy (spring) trails, dear friends.

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